Can You Be Hypnotized?

When you watch a movie, do you ever become so engrossed that you feel as though you are experiencing the action first-hand?

A. Always

B. Sometimes

C. Never

Do you daydream?

A. Often

B. sometimes

C. Never

Describe your imagination.

A. I have an excellent imagination

B. I have an average imagination

C. I have almost no imagination

Do you walk or talk in your sleep?

A. Yes

B. I don’t know

C. Never

How analytical are you?

A. Not at all

B. Somewhat

C. Very

Sometimes when I remember a past experience, it’s as though I’m reliving it.

A. Strongly agree

B. Agree

C. Strongly disagree

Are you open to new experiences?

A. Definitely

B. Sometimes

C. Not at all!


Scoring: For every:

A. answer, give yourself 5 points

B. answer, give yourself 3 points

C answer, give yourself 0 points

27-35 points – You would be amazing at this.

10-26 points – Not bad. Hypnosis will work for you.

0-10 points – You’re really not into this, are you? 🙂