Pre and Post-Surgery Fears

–          Since the advent of modern chemical anesthesia in the early 20th century, numerous studies have shown that people who have prepared for surgery with the aid of hypnosis need much less anesthesia.

–          Patients who prepare with hypnosis also experience more rapid recovery times as well as fewer post-operative complications.

–          Hypnosis can also help in the control of any pre-operative anxieties, as well as post-operative pain.

–          To find out how hypnosis can help you prepare for upcoming surgery, call Augusta Family Hypnosis today at 706-284-3370 today!

Recent client testimonial

My name is Nicole Wackernagel, and I’m a hypnotherapist in Switzerland. As a child I had different kind of surgeries. A few of them were pretty bad experiences. For me as a adult today it seemed not to be a big deal, looking back. But there were some situations that gave me a clue that something was still bothering me about this past. I had nightmares, and when my husband and once one of my childen got a surgery I was not able to talk with the doctor, I was crying so hard. But I did not know why. I felt silly about that. I was trying everything to get rid of this strange feelings for about 25 years! Well I thought, because the last time I reacted like this was about 10 years ago, the problem was gone.

A few months ago I was with my doctor and he told me that I were to have a surgery by my own. First of all, my reaction was calm. But then, all the things from the past came back again, all the pictures and the old feelings of fear and panic. I was struggling with myself because I knew as a hypnotherapist, the problem could be solved. In my logic mind I knew it will be not a big deal – but this negativ feelings were just so overwhelming. So I asked for a session with Sean Michael Andrews, to help me overcome this fear and panic from this surgery.

After two sessions I was totally calm, looking forward to the surgery. I could not believe that I was even looking forward to that knowing that I will feel better after it with no pain anymore and more energy. During the weeks I had to wait, I was totally able to concentrate on my job as a mother and as a hypnotherapist. It was really amazing! The day from the surgery came and I was even more calm and relaxed than my family. Even in the operating room I was just full of peace, I was able for the first time to let go, and really trust the doctors. And that was new feeling for me. The days after the surgery I recovered pretty fast. Since then I gained strength and health, but the negativ feelings are gone. Finally! No nightmares, no flashbacks, no tears anymore! A big thank you to Sean from the bottom of my heart, he did a amazing job!!! Sean is a highly skilled hypnotist with a wide knowledge. And not only that, but he is empathic, sensitiv and has the ability to see the connections and dissolve the causing problem. I would recommend him highly for pre and post surgery hypnosis!