Apprehensions or Fears

Does the fear of getting on an airplane keep you from enjoying the vacations you want to take? Perhaps you get a cold chill in your gut when you think about going over a tall bridge or getting in an elevator? Or maybe the sight of a snake or spider makes you want to jump out of your skin?  Relax. Hypnosis can help banish these feelings of dread forever! 

Many people have strong fears that keep them from enjoying life as they should. The good news is hypnosis is extremely effective in taking away these fears and it keeps them from coming back. Usually only one or two sessions are necessary. At Augusta Family Hypnosis we are well trained in the latest hypnotherapy techniques for removing fears and we can help you take control of your fear today! 

“I had been dealing with Claustrophobia for as long as I can remember.  I just resigned my self to the fact that every plane ride, every elevator ride, every backseat car ride was going to be excruciating.  I either had to avoid the situations altogether or medicate myself to be able to deal with it.   Working with Sean for 10 minutes literally cured this phobia.  I am amazed at the effectiveness of this procedure!  Thank you Sean, you cannot know how this has changed my life!”
Suzanne N. Chicago, IL

“Sean– I just wanted to give some feedback on my trip to the West Coast. (I saw you on a Friday and I was leaving the following Monday)… It went perfectly (as you predicted). I’ve had absolutely no claustrophobic feelings at all since our session. One session, and cured? It sure looks that way. In fact, I’m getting ready to book a seat on a small “puddle jumper” going to Ohio, something I never would have considered doing three months ago…. Thanks for the help, I’ve gone from skeptic to believer. Thanks again.”
Mike D., MD

“For as long as I can remember, since I was a little girl, I had a big phobia with lizards…. Here is about thirty years later, after going through a fifteen-minute therapy, I was able to let go of the fear and be perfectly ok every time a lizard runs across the sidewalk.  Don’t take me wrong, I still don’t like them, but I don’t jump up and scream or pass out when I see one and that is a wonderful thing!”
Tatiana P. Boca Raton, FL