Sports Improvement

Many people are aware that Tiger Woods was trained to bring out his best performance by a hypnotist. From the age of 13, he was shown how he could instantly put himself into the zone and perform at his peak using self hypnosis. And in fact, the use of hypnosis to enhance sports performance is widely recognized. Baseball, football, basketball, hockey, tennis players, bowlers, golfers, and other athletes practice hypnosis and self hypnosis to improve their performance.  Hypnosis helps by enabling the client remove negative mind sets which interfere with skills, and replaces those negative thoughts with positive helpful thoughts.  For example, sometimes a player is trying too hard and not doing what comes naturally: aiming his pitches, taking his eyes off the ball, and being too tense. A player can have great potential but if his mind is not in agreement, problems arise. The body will not do anything that the mind doesn’t allow it to. By proper use of the mind, a player can live up to his abilities.

In addition to reaching relaxation, concentration, and self-hypnosis, positive suggestions and imagery are used. The client is helped to translate his imagery into muscle movement as if he were doing it in reality, with emphasis on doing it right, just the way he desires.