Weight Loss

Maintaining normal weight is a constant battle for many people. Some of us find a feeling of security in the eating process. Helping a person to obtain a normal weight with hypnosis is not extremely difficult for the well-trained hypnotist. Unless the person’s overweight condition is related to a medical problem, the hypnosis therapies are very successful, because we match the correct technique to the client.

No two people are the same, and one hypnotic approach will not work for everyone. This is why the success rate for group hypnosis weight control programs is extremely low.

At Augusta Family Hypnosis, we are trained in many hypnotic approaches to the challenge and will be able to match you to the most successful approach that will give you the greatest success.

In general, you should expect four hypnosis sessions with three-month follow up sessions for about a year.

Through the use of hypnosis you can take back a part of your life that has been out of control. This is a great feeling and it can by yours. Call Augusta Family Hypnosis for more information or to schedule an appointment at Number coming soon! Today!

“I have tried numerous methods in my attempt to lose the 40 lbs of weight that I have been carrying for over a decade, with no success. I heard about Don through my Curves program that I joined in yet another attempt to lose weight and become fit.Now I’m a size 8!!! Through his program I lost 26 lbs and 16 ¾ inches already, and have never felt better! He has helped me not only to lose weight but to start loving my exercise, water is now my drink of choice and he has definitely put a stop to my “eating for comfort”!  I wish I would have known about him sooner and would highly recommend him to anyone who is ready and willing to win the “weight battle”! You will not be disappointed! 

-Dubravka Casario, Clarksville, MD